Weather Indicator for macOS

Weather Indicator is a neat little menu bar application for macOS. It is only compatible with macOS 10.12+

It is nothing ground breaking but I just thought some macOS users may find useful.

Once installed it sits in your menu bar with an indicator of the current temperature and icon depicting the current weather: cloudy; sunny; raining; snowing etc.

You can also click on the menu bar icon which will present you with a drop down that shows the current weather, conditions, wind speed and precipitation chances as the main focus.

You will also see a list of the expected high & low temperatures and expected conditions for the next 10 days. It also shows sunrise and sunset times for the day.

It is a free app and if you are like me and like to keep an eye on the weather during the day (I need to know weather it's going to rain before I take the dogs out on one of their many daily walks) then this could be an app you might want to install.

Download free from the App Store

Source: tchgdns