Watch and Chat About YouTube Videos with Friends on ShareTube

ShareTube is a website that allows you to create a virtual room where you and your friends can watch videos from YouTube together. You can chat, different users can queue videos so you all get a little bit of input when it comes to which videos you watch, any user can pause the videos too.

You don't need to signup to use the service just create a room and username.


  • Click on Room name and create a name for your room. Only letter and numbers are allowed and no spaces are allowed between words so newroom would be accepted but new room wouldn't. When you have added the room name you can hit enter on your keyboard or click Make a room

  • You will now be taken to the username screen

  • Create a username. Unlike the Room Name section you can have spaces in the username

  • Your room is now created and ready for you to start watching videos and chatting with friends

  • At the bottom you can do a search for the type of videos you want. Enter a search term and a list of videos will appear underneath. Each of them has a link labelled Add to Queue so you can get whichever videos you want to watch all queued up before you invite friends.

  • If you know a URL of a YouTube video you want to add to your queue you can also add that in the search box at the bottom of the screen

  • Once you have done that you can invite users by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icons on the top right (you of course need accounts for those). There are other ways of sharing. There are other ways of getting friends in the room which are shown below. You can also just look at the url of the room in your address bar and text it to friends or just tell them to go to sharetube.io and give them your room name to enter

  • Your video queue appears on the left. If you want to switch to another video in your queue just click on it and it will open. There is also a Thumb icon which people in the room can click on to like the video

  • If you didn't use the Twitter/Facebook icons to invite users or send them a link then they can go to sharetube.io, enter the room name and select Join a room

  • They can enter their own username

  • They will now be in the room you have just created

  • On the right hand side of the screen is your chat area

  • All chats message will go in here and notifications of when people have joined and left the room will appear here

Source: Hongkiat website

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