Tips for Keeping Yourself Secure Online

Below you will find a range of tips that will help to keep you secure online. These will not guarantee 100% security but they will help you to be safer than you might be at this current moment. If someone with the time and means wants to hack you then they will be able to.

I will constantly update this so you can pop back to see new tips

The obvious place to start is by getting yourself a VPN. I use IPVanish as they keep no logs and allow you to run a VPN on 5 devices simultaneously. With a VPN your connection to the web is encrypted by servers in another country and this stops you from being hacked. They are also highly recommended when you are using free public wi-fi spots like they have in airports. Click the link below and use the checkout code SEOM and to get 25% off any package


Change your web browser. Try the Tor Browser which runs best with Tor. You can read more about that here

Change your email provider. ProtonMail offers free and paid versions of their encrypted mail apps. ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and all their servers are located in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. This means even they cannot decrypt and read your emails. As a result, your encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties.

Setup 2 factor authentication on your apps. Lots of apps now offer 2 step authentication. With this enabled there is much less of a chance that people will be able to login to your account for a certain app and take information/images/documents that they could use to steal your identity. Check your person apps to see which offer 2 step authentication and enable it

Get a secure Instant Messaging app. Everybody uses instant messaging these days as it is a great way for people to quickly contact friends and share images, documents, even secrets that they may not want others to know. I would recommend taking a look at the Signal IM app. This app is available for both iOS and Android and offers end-to-end encryption.

Get a password manager and never use the same password for anything. There are great options out there like LastPass, 1pass, Dashlane, Sticky and many more. It is crazy to think that lots of online users use the same username and password for all their accounts. If someone gets hold of this they can steal your identity. With a password manager you can use them to store all your passwords so you don't have to remember them. They even offer features that allow yo to fill out forms, create passwords for you and much more.

Keep your security software up-to-date. You should always check for updates on your computer. By ensuring you are running the latest security software, web browser and operating system is the a good way of defending yourself against viruses, malware and other online threats.