Tab Ninja for Chrome

Tab Ninja is great little extension that adds some functionality for closing tabs in your Chrome browser.

This adds a set of features that Google recently decided to remove from the browser - Close other tabs, and Close tabs to the right options will be removed from Chrome any time soon.

  • Close pinned, audible, or muted tabs
  • Close tabs to the left, tabs to the right, or other tabs (all but the active tab)
  • Same as above, but including pinned tabs
  • Close tabs of the same host, same domain, or same URL
  • Same as above, but including the active tab
  • Close highlighted tabs
  • Close currently loading tabs
  • Close loaded tabs
  • Close discarded tabs
  • Close discardable tabs

As you can see this is very handy for people who tend to browse with a lot of tabs open and want an easy way to manage all of them.

Download from the Chrome Store

Source code for the extension can be viewed here

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