Smooth Key Scroll for Chrome

Update May 30th 2016

Smooth Key Scroll for Chrome is a handy little extension for people who use the arrow keys on their keyboard for scrolling. I often find myself doing this but the scroll movement on websites was often choppy and not smooth at all.

With this extension installed you have an extremely smooth scroll experience that has a few options so you can choose the the px rate at which the page scrolls.

Ignoring repeat rate, Smooth Key Scroll enables smooth and responsive scrolling with the keyboard, on every page you go.

You scroll using your up & down arrow keys and the default scrolling speed is 5px/frame. Using arrow keys and the alt key the default scrolling speed is set to 20px/frame & using the ctrl & arrow keys sets the speed to 1px/frame. If you wish to use the last option on OS X then you will have to change the keyboard shortcuts for Mission Control in System Preferences otherwise it will not work.

If you are like me and use arrow keys for scrolling quite regularly then you will find this improves the scrolling effect greatly.

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