Set iOS Camera to Launch in Your Preferred Mode

I acquired an iPhone 7 so decided I would start adding iOS/iPhone tips and tricks to the site as I sure there are plenty of iPhone users on here.

I thought I would start with something simple to get the iOS section kicked off.

This tip requires your iOS device to run 10.2+

When you open the camera on your iOS device it opens to the default Photo which allows the user to quickly take a picture which is pretty much what everyone does with their phones. However if this is not something that is necessary for you then you can change this using the following method.

  • On your iPhone select Settings
  • Scroll down and select Photos & Camera
  • Scroll down and select Preserve Settings
  • Turn on (toggle) Camera Mode

Under this it will say "Preserve the last mode, such as Video or Square, rather than automatically reset to Photo

  • Now open the Camera App on your iOS device and set your phone to whichever mode you want: Time -Lapse; Slow-Mo; Video; Photo; Square; Pano

You can then use your camera in whichever mode you have chosen and when you are finished close the app. The next time you open the camera app it will open in the mode whichever it was shut down in.

So if you don't particularly need the camera app to open direct to Photo then this may be something that is useful to you.

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