Seek 'n Play for YouTube Chrome Extension

Seek 'n Play is a handy little Chrome extension for people who use YouTube.

This extension is designed to allow users to search other links on YouTube whilst keeping the video you are currently watching on the screen.

With Seek 'n Play you will be able to hugely improve your YouTube experience. Seek 'n Play allows you to search for video's while you are watching a video, just like the mobile app.

It worked fine for me and will definitely come in useful.

When the screen is minimised - in a similar way YouTube videos minimise on Android - you still have access to all the necessary actions: Play, Pause, Maximise, Close, Timeline etc.

One thing I would like to see implemented is for the extension to start working as soon as I open a video and scroll down the page to look at comments. Currently it will not start working until you navigate away from the page of the video you are watching.

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