Rearrange Tabs Chrome Extension

Rearrange Tabs is a tiny Google Chrome Extension that allows users
to rearrange the position of the tabs in a window by moving them
around using keyboard shortcuts.

To move a tab to its left

  • Mac: Ctrl+Shift+Left
  • Windows: Shift+Alt+Left

To move a tab to its right

  • Mac: Ctrl+Shift+Right
  • Windows: Shift+Alt+Right

Customise your keyboard shortcut by following these steps:

  • Open your extensions page (or visit "chrome://extensions" from your URL bar)
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Click on "Keyboard Shortcuts"
  • Under the "Rearrange Tabs" section, you can configure whichever shortcut you want


  • Move regular tabs around in a window
  • Move pinned tabs around in a window
  • Move multiple highlighted tabs around in a window

Download from the Chrome Web Store

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