PushBullet for Chrome and Android

PushBullet is my new favourite Android app and Chrome extension. It's a handy for receiving notifications on your computer screen from your Android device and also sending files/notes/links/lists/map locations between your computer and phone or vice versa.

Download for Android
Download for Chrome

The pushed notifications between devices are really fast; quicker than pushed notifications on some apps/entensions I have used recently for the same purpose.

With the Chrome extension you can send notifications to your device by clicking on the app icon in your menubar. You can create lists which you can push to your device, send an address and you can send links to webpages - the page you are currently viewing will automatically be added to the link for convenience, but you can delete this. To send files you must go to PushBullet.com - files are limited to 25MB, but this is plenty for the types of files you will probably be pushing to your device.

The Android app offers the same.

To view files you have pushed to your computer from your Android device you visit PushBullet.com. On the site you can sign in with your Google account and view your Inbox and items you have previously sent to any devices that have PushBullet.

Sending an address from your computer to your device is a great little feature as you can view places you want to go and push the address to your mobile device and when you need to find the address you open the link on your device and it will open your default maps with the necessary directions.

You can also send files and copied text with a right click as PushBullet adds a section to your context menu.

Once you have sent a file, note, link or whatever it is you have sent it is sat there waiting for you. No need for browsing directories trying to find where you sent the files.

Definitely something worth adding to your device and computer.

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