Pulse SMS/Tablet Messenger for Android

Pulse is a new SMS/Tablet Messenger from Klinker Apps - the dev behind Talon for Twitter and Evolve SMS.

The app is free to use on phones but to access via other devices will require a subscription:

  • $0.99 every month
  • OR $1.99 every 3 months
  • OR $5.99 every year
  • OR a one-time, $10.99, for a LIFETIME subscription

Fully featured text messaging with tons of customisation! You get all of the messaging features that you've come to know and love such as:

  • Texting, through your personal phone number, on your tablet, Android TV, Google Chrome app/extension, Firefox extension, or ANY device connected to the web!
  • Easy group messaging
  • Night and black theme
  • Conversation archiving
  • Share photos, videos, audio, location, and contact vCards
  • Attach GIFs from Giphy
  • Customise conversation colours
  • Blacklist phone numbers
  • Scheduled messages
  • Search messages and conversations
  • Quick reply
  • Snooze notifications
  • Automatic message backup and restore
  • Dual-SIM support
  • and much more!

End to end encryption is used in the app to ensure your data is safe and can only be read by you and the recipient.

Supported Platforms

  • Android Phone: the basics, everything you you expect from your messaging apps plus way more.
  • Android Tablet: same as the phone app! Anything you could ever want to send, instant, smooth, and seem-less.
  • Web: send SMS/MMS to any of your contacts and conversations, from ANY device connected to the internet. Just head to messenger.klinkerapps.com after you are set up on your phone!
  • Chrome App/Extension: Even better than the web interface. Notifications, instant updates, awesome layouts. Everything you need for desktop messaging!
  • Firefox Extension: If you prefer to use Firefox over Chrome, we have you covered. All the same features as the Chrome apps!
  • Android Wear: enhanced notifications. Reply by voice, choose from canned responses, and view the previous messages in the conversation!
  • Android TV: view your messages on your TV! Pictures, media, and more, all on the big screen!
  • iPad: We don't have a native iPad app at this time, but the web app has all the functionality that you will need!

Download from the Play Store

You can find more information about this app and other projects at the Klinker Apps website

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