Noti for OS X - Pushbullet Notifications on Desktop

Noti is your "little companion living in your mac menu, relaying any notifications you get on your Android phone with Pushbullet installed on it"

This is a lightweight app that doesn't require a browser to be opened, and uses native macOS functionality wherever possible.

Noti does one thing, and it does it really well: Notifications.

Reply to messages, straight from a notification.

Never look at your phone again while you’re on your mac.
In fact: Don’t even look away from the application you are using,
 just enter your reply in the notification itself!


If a notification has any actions, you can execute those straight from the notification as well (Pushbullet Pro required)

I much prefer this to the Pushbullet notification I get through the Chrome extension and think many other OS X users would feel the same way too. You can download the app for free from their github page

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