My Cloud Player for Android

My Cloud Player is a music player that allows you to search for and listen to music on SoundCloud, view user's tracks, your favourites, your followers, people you are following, sets and groups from any user on SoundCloud.

You can create and store playlists from SoundCloud tracks, shuffle or reorder your dashboard, incoming tracks, tracks, favourites.

It syncs with your SoundCloud account so whatever you do from liking songs to creating playlists and following new users to deleting old ones all will be reflected in your SoundCloud account.

You can share playlists & tracks on G+, Facebook, Twitter etc. It also allows scrobbling to Last.fm.

It is a great alternative to the current SoundCloud website and SounCloud Android app.

Download for Android
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It has a great deal of features which are listed below. It is well worth a download to have a play around with.

Android Basic Features:

  • ChromeCast support
  • Search tracks, sets, users and groups
  • Listen to Radio Stations created by users
  • Explore by preset or custom genre
  • Explore tracks (recent/trending/featured)
  • Explore users (who to follow/friends/by activity/by favourites/latest users)
  • Browse user's tracks, likes, sets, groups, followings and followers
  • Shuffle and Repeat mode
  • Equaliser
  • Manage current playlist (drag artwork to reorder, fling to remove track)
  • Download tracks (tracks marked as downloadable by author only)
  • Cache Tracks for offline listening
  • Playback control widget
  • Remote media buttons support
  • Low battery comsumption
  • Automatic play/pause on headphones jack plugged in/out
  • Automatic play/pause on incoming call
  • Search suggestions, voice search
  • Save state, the player will continue where you've been before (even after reboot)

Android Advanced Features:

  • Login with SoundCloud account (web connect or 'In App' username/password)
  • Get updates from your Dashboard, Stream, Activities
  • Integration with Simple Last.fm Scrobbler (supports Last.fm and Libre.fm)
  • Push to XMBC (mirror mode)
  • Charts, most played tracks in week, month or custom time range
  • Play history
  • Manage likes, reposts, followings, joined groups
  • Add track to playlist
  • Add track to set
  • Manage set tracks
  • Manage playlist tracks
  • Dark and Light theme available
  • Push to XBMC (mirror mode) available

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