Music Bubbles Chrome Extension for Google Play Music

Music Bubbles is a handy little Chrome extension that adds a "minimal remote which allows you to quickly control Google Music without having to fumble around to find the right tab".

Once installed and music is playing the extension embeds controls in any web page you are currently viewing which allow quick access to:

  • Play/Pause
  • Previous/Next
  • Like/Dislike
  • Volume control
  • Track name
  • Song progress bar

The default location of the widget can be moved so if it is in any part of a screen that you are focusing on you will have no issues placing it somewhere else, but it does try to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The volume control is a nice little touch as you just need to scroll up or down on the icon.

Other features

  • Quick tutorial to get you used to it
  • Easily blacklist it from certain sites

To move or blacklist the controls from a page you simply need to long click on the headphone icon for approximately a second and then release and the linke and dislike buttons will change to a move and blacklist button.

I do have one complaint and that is the icon is always there. Even when I first load Chrome and have not even opened Play Music. It just sits there greyed out. It should be invisible if Play Music is not activated I think.

But still a great extension to add to Chrome if you use Google Play Music regularly.


I left a comment in the Chrome Play Store regarding the controls being on the screen when music isn't playing and the dev replied to me within a couple of days saying we now have the option to hide it. Love it when devs come back straight away like that.

Download from the Chrome Web Store

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