Enable Remote Manager ES File Explorer

You can easily manage files on your Android device from your computer using the Remote Manager feature in ES File Explorer. This is great for removing old files that are left over from old apps/ROMS (just make sure you know what you are removing) or for transferring files from your computer to your device.

On your Mobile/Tablet

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Select Fast Access Menu (top left - 3 lines)
  • Select Tools
  • Select Remote Manager
  • Select Turn on
  • You will now see an ftp address
  • Make a note of the ftp address
  • ES File Explorer is now setup. You must leave it open for FTP to work unless you have unchecked 'Close on Exit' in the Remote Manager Settings.

On your Computer

  • Open your FTP Client
  • Create a new FTP Account using the IP & Port details you were given after turning Remote Manager
  • Select the newly create account from your FTP account list
  • Browse your Android device files

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