Location Sharing in Google Maps

If you are a Google Maps user you will start to see a new section in your Google Maps sidebar on both Android and iOS devices that allows you to share your current location for a predetermined amount of time to any of your contacts.

Location sharing is very easy to enable

  • Open Google Maps on your Android or iOS device
  • Open the sidebar and you will see Share Location with a NEW label. Press it

  • Select GET STARTED

  • That is Location Sharing ready to go. Now choose how long you would like to share your location for and then press Select People and choose the contacts you wish to share your location with

  • You will now see a notification showing who you are sharing with and for how long. You will also see a notification showing the contacts Google icon which will remain grey until they respond and share their location back

This was originally a feature in Google+ but that has been removed and is now just a feature that is available in Google Maps which is a much better place to have it as few people who use maps will be using Google+

As well as sharing directly to your contacts you can select an app to share your location. If you choose to select an app rather than someone who is in your contact list then Google Maps will create a link which will be copied to your device's clipboard so you can paste it into any app.

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