Internet Archive WayBack Machine Chrome Extension

If you have ever visited a site to look for an article only to find the article has been removed for whatever reason you will usually see a 404 page. This means the page has been removed and is no longer available.

The Internet Archive (archive.org) have created an extension for Chrome which will allow you to see an archived version of any pages you are looking for and are no longer available on the site.

The Internet Archive has been taking snapshots of webpages from around the web for over 20 years so there is a good chance that if you come across a 404 then the Internet Archive will have an old copy of that page.

If you land on a 404 page then the extension will check the archive to see of there is a copy of that page and if there is a copy it will provide a link for you to click so you can see the old page.

This could be a very useful extension to some users.

If you want to give it a try then you can download it from the Chrome Web Store

Apparently it has been available for Firefox for a while already so if you are a Firefox user and want to give it a try then you can download it from here

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