How to Share Files Between Your Mac and iPhone with AirDrop

The easiest way to share files between your Mac and iPhone yet surprisingly there are people who are unaware of how to use it.

This guide will show you just how easy it is to do. It is very useful to have this tip and I am sure you will find use for it in the future.

  • On the Mac open a Finder window and then select Go from the MenuBar (CMD+Shift+G) and then select AirDrop (CMD+Shift+R)

  • Set "Allow me to be discovered.." to Contacts or Everyone

  • On your iPhone open the app from which you want to share a file. I am going to share a photo from the Photos app
  • Select the item you wish to share and then click the Share button in the bottom left

  • Tap the AirDrop section (if you have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned off this will turn them on)

  • Select your Computer from the list of available devices

  • If successful you will see a Sent notification underneath your computer

  • On your Mac in the Downloads folder you will now see the files you shared

That is all you need to do when sharing files through AirDrop. Hopefully you will find it useful at some time in the future.