How to Setup FireStarter on FireStick using adbLink

This guide will show you how to setup the Fire Starter app on your Fire Stick.

With Fire Starter installed we will set the Fire Stick to launch directly into Kodi (you can skip that step if you don't want to) and also setup the home button on the remote so that one click will launch Kodi and a double click takes you to the Fire Stick home screen. This makes it easier than having to browse through the menus to find your installed applications.

In this guide I am assuming you already have adbLink installed and setup. If you don't you can follow this guide here. Follow that up to the step that says 'In Description give your Fire Stick a name...'

  • Download the latest Fire Starter APK (which is v4.0.0 as of July 10th) to your computer and save to a location you can easily access
  • Turn on your Fire Stick
  • Open adbLink
  • Make sure the Current Device is your Fire Stick

  • Select Connect

  • Your device IP should now appear under Connected Devices

  • Select Install APK

  • Navigate to where you downloaded the Fire Starter APK and select it

  • Select Yes when asked if you want to install the zip

  • Select OK when installation complete shows

  • Select Disconnect. If you don't Fire Starter may not function correctly

On the Fire Stick

  • Select Settings

  • Select Applications

  • Select Manage Installed Applications

  • Select FireStarter

  • Select Launch Application

  • You should now see the following screen. Select Settings

  • Ensure these 3 sections are all checked

Here we will set the the Fire Stick to open Kodi on startup. If you don't want to do that then just skip the next 2 steps

  • Select Startup Application

  • Select Kodi

Now we will set the home button on the Fire Stick remote to open Kodi with one click and the Fire Stick home screen to open on a double click

  • Select Home Button Single Click Application

  • Select Kodi

  • Select Home Button Double Click Application

  • Select FireTV Home

  • Select Open ADB Settings

  • Turn Off ADB debugging

  • Turn On ADB debugging

  • Reboot your Fire Stick by simultaneously holding the Play & Select (the middle button at the top of the remote) for a few seconds.

You are now setup

When the box reboots it will probably go to the Fire Stick home screen just wait a few seconds and Kodi should launch. Now if you double click the Home Button on your Fire Stick remote it will go to the Fire Stick Main Menu single click the Home Button on your Fire Stick remote it will launch Kodi

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