How to Set Home and Work Address on Google Home

This guide will show you how you can easily set your Home and Work addresses on Google Home. By doing this Google is able to use the given information in Google Now and Maps on your phone as well as Google Home. It can use your home address to give you estimated driving times to various locations, including work. Simply say “OK Google, how long is my drive to work,” and the device will quickly respond with the most up to date answer.

Google Home can also use those addresses to give you that estimated travel time during the “My Day” feature.

  • Open the Google Home app for Android or iOS
  • Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the app
  • Verify your primary Google account is currently being used
  • Tap More Settings
  • Scroll to Personal Info
  • Tap Home and Work Locations
    • If not previously set, tap “Add home address” to type in your home address
    • If not previously set, tap “Add work address” to type in your work address

You are now all set and Google Home has the information it needs.

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