How to Save your Parking Location with Google Maps for Android

The latest update to Google Maps for Android (v9.50) has added a neat little feature which I think many people will be able to use on a regular basis. It was in the previous version too but then it was removed immediately which may have been due to bugs but it is back now.

With Google Maps you can now save your current location as where you parked your car. The update also allows you to add notes for your parking spot though I am not sure what notes you may want to put down. If you have paid for a specific amount of time in a parking spot then you can also add a timer which you can quickly check to see how long you have to get back to where you parked your car.

To Save your Parking Location in Google Maps:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Press the Blue Dot

  • You will now see a new window with a few options. Press Save your parking

  • That is all you need to do. You parking location is now saved. Press Parking location for extra info

  • in here you can share your parking location via other apps by pressing SHARE you can also add notes (not sure what notes you may want to add), you can add a timer which is handy if it is a paid parking spot with a limited time and also add photo's

  • In your notification shade you will see a link to your Google Maps location which when pressed will take you to Google Maps so you can navigate to where you parked

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