How to Export your Chrome Passwords

With the huge popularity of Google's Chrome browser there will be lots of users on this site who have a lot of passwords saved for all their favourite sites.

If for any reason you want to export all those passwords you can easily do it using the following steps.

  • Open Chrome
  • Type chrome://flags/#password-import-export
  • You will now be on your Chrome Flags page (if you have never been here before then please be careful as you could start enabling stuff in Chrome which effects the way it functions).
  • You will be immediately taken to the Password import and export section
  • Click on the drop down box which will be marked as Default and change it to Enabled
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on RELAUNCH NOW
  • When Chrome relaunches type chrome://settings/passwords into the omnibox (address bar)
  • You will now see your passwords and an Import and Export button
  • Hit Export
  • You will now be asked for your Windows/Linux/OSX user account password before you can proceed. Enter your password.
  • Your passwords will now download in csv format

Now you have your passwords in a format that you can easily import into any password manager, if that is the reason you wanted your passwords in the first place.

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