How to Customise System Preferences Panels macOS

This tip will show you how you can choose which panels are in your System Preferences, how to show all panels and how you can organise the panels. I saw this tip over at iMore and thought some users may find it useful.

As a Mac user who spends far too much of his day sat at the computer I often find myself using System Preferences so organising it to my own preferences is something I like to be able to do.

  • Open System Preferences - Select  in your menubar and then select System Preferences... or launch it from your dock if you have it in there
  • Select View from the Menubar

  • Select Customize...

  • You will now see that all the items that are currently in your System Preferences have a checkbox next to them

  • Uncheck the items you don't need in there. In this example I am removing Spotlight (I use Alfred), Mouse (I use a trackpad) and Printers & Scanners (I don't use printers or scanners)

  • Select Done

  • The items you unchecked will now be removed

  • To get back the items you have removed you simply open System Preferences and repeat the above steps and all your panels will be visible including the ones you have unchecked so you can check them again if you want them back

  • To organise your System Preferences open System Preferences
  • Select View

  • You now have 2 options: Organize by Categories (which is the default view) & Organize Alphabetically

  • If you change to Organize Alphabetically your System Preferences window will now look like this

  • For some this may be a more preferable view

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