How to Customise Control Centre iOS 11

The new Control Centre in iOS 11 is a decent improvement on the old one. It is also easy to edit so you can add or remove different features which allow you quick and easy access to things you may need on a regular basis.

To edit your Control Centre do the following:

  • Select Settings

  • Select Control Centre

  • Select Customise Controls

  • You will now see a list of items that are already in the Control Centre. If there are some you don't want just click on the Red Circle with a minus sign in it

  • Below are controls you can add. Just click on the Green Circle with the plus sign to add them

  • Once you have done this anything you have added will now appear in your Control Centre or won't show if you have removed them

I imagine that this will get better in future updates and there will be more you can add for better control of many more things.