How To Add A Scratchpad To The Menu Bar In macOS

I saw this on the
Addictive Tips website and thought some macOS users may find it useful. As their site states we could use something like the default TextEdit app (or something like Sublime Text) as a scratch pad but having an app sitting in your menu bar makes it a lot easier to use/access.

The app they talk about is called Tyke and is simply a text holder. It is not designed to save text as a file for later use it just remembers any text you paste in it until you delete it yourself.

There is absolutely no limit to how much text you can paste into Tyke so if you are doing work which may require a lot of text being repeated then this is a great way of accessing the text you need to copy and paste repeatedly in a quick and efficient manner

Everything you paste into Tyke appears as plain text so it cannot detect if you have pasted code. There are no numbered lines as you may see in standard text editors (because it isn't one). This is a bog standard scratchpad to give you easy access to text.

Download Tyke from their website