Handshaker for Android and OS X

Handshaker is an app that allows you to easily work with files on your Android phone through your Mac.

The reason I came across this app is due to the fact that the default Android File Manager that Android users will be aware of has been giving me real problems recently with my Google Pixel XL. I read a few sites and it seems that Android File Manager is causing issues for other Google Pixel users too (source: Android Headlines). Further reading lead me to Handshaker so I gave it a try and it is a very decent tool so thought I would share it with others who may like to give it a try.

Once installed and setup on your Mobile and Mac you will see the following Window appear instead of the default Android File Manager

As you can see you now have easy access to your photos, music, videos, download and files. When I first opened this I immediately found it better than Android File Transfer which is badly in need of an update.

When you select any picture/video/music file etc you can delete the file from your mobile, you can copy it and move it somewhere else on your phone, or you can open and edit it with whichever default apps you use on your Mac. You can transfer your downloads and access all files on your phone. You can also easily transfer files from your Mac to your Android device.

Download from the Apple Store

Once you have downloaded and installed the app you just plug in your Phone to your Mac as you would with AFT. You will see a message saying that no software on your phone works with Handshaker, follow the onscreen instructions and it will take you to a download site which will attempt to install the Handshaker APK; Allow it to download. Once you do this you may be asked to enable USB debugging if you don't already have it done - I expect most people reading this will already have it done - If not you need to enable developer options on your Android phone. Once this is done you should see a popup on your Android phone asking for access to your phone. Select "Always Allow" and this will now replace AFT.

It's a great app and I am sure you will find it better than AFT.

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