Fingerprint Quick Action for Android

Requires Android 6.0+ and probably best with a rooted device

Fingerprint Quick Action by ztc1997 over at XDA allows you to create quick actions which can be carried out by gestures on the fingerprint sensor of your Android device.

This is a feature that is available on the Google Pixel devices so the dev has created this so other users can use it as well.

At the time of writing you can use Fingerprint Quick Action to sleep/wake your device, go back to your device home screen from within any task just by tapping the fingerprint sensor, and you can also toggle the notification panel.

The video below shows what the app is capable of

In future releases the dev is hoping to add the following:

  • Add More Quick Actions
  • Double Tap Action
  • Per Fingerprint Action
  • Xposed Implementation

If he can achieve all them then this will be an excellent addition to your fingerprint capable device.

For more information you can follow the thread on XDA. Download the latest APK from the attachments section of the linked post.

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