F.lux for MacOS

  • Dim on disable It’s always been painful to disable f.lux for a color check or late-night design work, so we’ve provided a new option that dims your screen (a lot) when you disable. Check out the “Options” menu for this feature.
  • Backwards alarm clock For years we’ve wanted an alarm clock that answers the question, “How much sleep will I get if I go to bed now?” So we made a little version of it for f.lux.
  • Better transitions If you woke up your laptop late in the day, f.lux used to do a very slow transition (as if you were “used to” the orange color). Now it transitions quickly to daylight instead. Also, we’ve tuned up behavior at night and in the morning for “bedtime” mode: the night-time and early morning transitions are longer now.
  • Expanded daytime settings For users who prefer very warm settings during the day, we’ve made an option that lets the sliders go all the way to 1900K, all the time. We prefer accurate color during the day, but quite a few people have asked for extra control like this. You can find this feature in the Options menu.
  • Less CPU We made improvements to the profile writer for dual-GPU macs. So this new version should have less impact on those systems especially.
  • Melanopic lux analysis A new screen analyzer in the About box. Visible easter egg

The new version of f.lux is designed to allow you to create a personal schedule allowing you to use a screen that knows when you sleep, as well as when the sun’s up. The devs have found a way to combine your day with sunrise and sunset.

  • f.lux adjusts to your actual day, not just sunrise and sunset.
  • It looks nice, showing you a visualisation of your day.
  • There are tons of new effects and adjustments.

Using the new version of f.lux will warm up your screen so your screen looks better at sunset. Later in the day when it is getting close to 'bedtime' the second phase kicks in with the dev saying. "We've even tried to time this second phase with your body's natural release of melatonin". The bedtime setting is intense and you may want to use a more moderate setting for sunset.

Because color perception depends on where you are, it’s kind of hard to predict how you’ll see colors at 11PM while sitting in your office at 1PM. We made this new interface so you can come back a few times (for a day or two) to set f.lux the way you like.

You can set the time of day you wake up and then set the default colour settings to anything you wish. As they say on the site this is ideal for those who have different work schedules or do different kinds of work (working night shifts, do colour sensitive work).

Once you have setup f.lux to your liking your screen colour will change automatically through the 3 colours intesity you have chosen.

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