Contextual App Folder for Android (Early Access)

Contextual App Folder is a new app for Android devices that allows you to place a widget on the home screen which will then create a folder containing various apps depending on the scenario.

With the widget in place it will be invisible on your screen until a trigger activates the widget. The triggers are:

  • GEO Location - When in a certain location
  • Wi-Fi - When connected to a specific network
  • Bluetooth - When connected to a specific Bluetooth device
  • Charging - While the device is charging
  • Calling - While on a call
  • Time - On a specific day/time
  • Notification - When receiving a notification from a specific app

There is also a headphones scenario which you can set to contain just your music/radio apps so only they appear in your folder when you plug your headphones in

You can create hundreds of scenarios from the above triggers which will mean a different folder appears depending on which action has been triggered. It is very simple to setup: Open the app, create a trigger, add the apps you want to show in your folder when that scenario is triggered, place the widget on the home screen.

If like many users you like a minimal home screen then this widget can ensure you achieve that. This is an early access app so you may come across some issues until they are ironed out.

Examples of use from the dev are:

  • Your sport tracking apps become available once you reach your gym or running location
  • Your folder contains your music apps once a headset is plugged in to your device
  • Navigation apps are easy to access once your phone is connected to your car via Bluetooth

Download from the Play Store

Join their Google Plus Community

Source: tchgnds (if you are a German speaker and enjoy tech this is a great blog to follow)

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