Context for Chrome - Easily Switch Between Extension Groups

Take a look at your extensions, do you really use all of them all the time? Rather not. Do you know that these unused extensions are taking resources and space from you? They may also bug you with distracting icon animations and notifications. With Context you can stop that. Simply put extensions that you use for work, fun, shopping, socialising etc. into different groups ("contexts") and with one click switch between them.


  • mix contexts with each other using +/- buttons
  • configuration import / export / synchronisation
  • first run step by step tutorial
  • when new extension is installed Context will let you assign it to appropriate groups via notification window - no need to open configuration page

With this extension you can quickly and easily setup a set of different extension to appear in your browser when you are doing certain tasks. This can help provide you with exactly what you need to complete the task you are trying to undertake. A v ery handy extension that some may find useful.

Download from the Chrome Store

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