Change Android System Fonts with Fontster


Fontster is a new app by Chromium over at XDA.

The app is designed to allow you to easily change the system fonts on your Android device.

Your device must be rooted to use this app.

Fonster replaces all font styles used on your device, unlike other font installers which may only replace a few font styles. This gives you a consistent look on your device. Practically all typed elements on your devices UI will be changed to your desired font, including the keyboard, digital clock widget, web pages etc.

The dev does say if you have an OEM skinned device then you may not see perfect compatibility.

He also says:

Fontster works best with devices running close to stock (AOSP) builds. Therefore Nexus devices tend to work great with this app. Although the app has been tested and confirmed to be working on some other non-AOSP devices (Samsung Touchwiz, etc.), it is highly recommended to use caution (make backups) and be prepared for things to go wrong if you are using a non-AOSP device.

I personally haven't had any issues on a non-aosp device - yet.


  • Font installation
  • About 150 full font families to choose from (more are constantly being added)
  • Font previewing (try out fonts prior to installing)
  • True Font Display (font names are show in their actual font)
  • Backup and restore fonts
  • View currently installed font

Download from PlayStore

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