Cast Any Video/Playlist from YouTube App to Google Home

I saw this guide on XDA and thought I would share for people who own a Google Home. I've tested it and it works great. Once setup you can share a playlist from the YouTube app on your Android phone to your Google Home using the Android share feature.

You will require Tasker and a couple of the 'auto' beta apps from Joao Apps.

Joao is doing some great work on integrating his auto apps with Google Home and to get access to the beta version of the apps you will have to join his Google+ community


  • Open AutoShare
  • Make sure AutoShare Command is checked

  • Select Manage Commands

  • Tap the '+' icon

  • Type Cast to Home and select OK

  • You will be asked to give the command an icon. You can select anything and then choose any icon you want.

  • Leave Priority set at 1 and select OK

  • Now open AutoCast
  • Select Manage Cast Devices

  • Tap the '+' icon

  • Select your Google Home device

  • Now open Tasker & select Profiles

  • Tap the '+' icon

  • Select Event

  • Select Plugin

  • Select AutoShare

  • Select AutoShare again

  • Select the Pencil icon

  • Select Command Filter

  • Select Cast to Home

  • Tap the Checkmark to save changes

  • Press Back

  • Select New Task

  • You will be asked to name the task but it is optional. Tap on the checkmark whether you name it or not

  • Tap the '+' icon

  • Select Plugin

  • Select AutoCast

  • Select Buest Guess

  • Select the Pencil icon

  • Select Cast Device

  • Select your Google Home device

  • Select Value to cast

  • Type %astext and select OK

  • Tap the Checkmark to save changes

That is everything setup. Now you need to know how to send the playlist to Google Home.

  • Open YouTube on your Android device
  • Find a playlist & select Share

  • Select AutoShare Command

The playlist will take a few seconds to start playing through the Google Home speaker

For some reason it doesn't appear to stop the music using the "Hey Google. Stop" voice command for me - but try it yourself to see if it does stop. If it doesn't then in your Android Notification pane you will see a notification for AutoCast saying "AutoCast Casting Screen". Just click on that to stop it.

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