Activate Siri with a Voice Command in macOS Sierra

The guide below will show you how to quickly setup a dictation command on any Mac running macOS Sierra that will allow you to activate the Siri feature with your voice (hands free).

This setup needs to be done by using the accessibility feature on your Mac (source: Jdcampbell on reddit).

As we are using the Accessibility feature we need to change the keyboard shortcut for Siri as the default keyboard combination requires you to hold a key and there is no way to HOLD a key with the accessibility feature

  • Open System Preferences (Apple Menu > System Preferences)

  • Select Siri

  • Select Keyboard Shortcut

  • Select Customize

  • Select any key combination you wish to use (obviously something that won't clash with any system or app specific shortcuts)

  • Select the Show All button in your preferences window

  • Select Keyboard

  • Select Dictation

  • Turn Dictation On

  • Select Use Enhanced Dictation

  • If you have never used this before a download will probably start. This installs your selected language file for offline use
  • Choose your microphone (only needed if you use more than one)

  • Select the Show All button in your preferences window

  • Select Accessibility

  • Select Dictation

  • Check Enable the dictation keyword phrase. The word Computer will appear here. Change that to something like: Hello, Hey (will clash with your iPhone), OK or anything you feel suitable.

  • Select Dictation Commands

  • Check Enable advanced commands

  • Select +

  • We can now create a custom command using the following:

    • When I say: Siri
    • While using: Any Application
    • Perform: When the popup appears select Press Keyboard Shortcut. You will then be asked to enter the keyboard shortcut you want to use. Just enter the keyboard shortcut you created to Siri at the very beginning of the guide (for me it is Option+Space

  • Select Done

Siri is now setup to be activated via the voice command of your choice (Hello Siri for me).

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