AccessURL for Chrome


With AccessURL you can share access to websites without giving away your username and password.

AccessURL gives you a secure URL that temporarily gives others access to the website you're currently signed into.

Use AccessURL to:

  • Share your Netflix account with your mum, without telling her your username and password
  • Convince your roommate to let you use his HBO GO account
  • Let your colleague send that email for you
  • and so much more

Security is very important. That's why AccessURL encrypts the session data with AES before creating the Access URL. That's also why AccessURL lets you set an expiration on Access URLs.

Only send Access URLs to people you personally know and trust. Only use it for websites which allow you to share accounts.

Note: AccessURL currently does not support Incognito mode. If you'd like to test it out, use two copies of Chrome on the same computer or try it with multiple computers.